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I love making DIY products to replace store-bought, I enjoy using aromatherapy daily to keep myself, my family and my home healthy. Whilst it may not be possible to escape toxins in the environment we can reduce exposure by choosing how we take care of ourselves & our homes.


 It was in the early 1980s when I started to study organic plant-based materials that I began to realise exactly what was in the food I was eating and the chemicals I was using on my skin which were directly affecting my health. Since that time, I have always taken the most natural options whenever possible. I no longer use artificial fragrance at home, here is one of my favourite bedroom fragrance formulas, easy to make & lovely to use...


In a 100ml spray top bottle, add:

20 drops Lavender essential oil

10 drops Geranium essential oil

5 drops Roman Chamomile Essential oil

10 millilitres Witch Hazel

Mix well & fill the bottle with Distilled Water.

Shake well before each use & spray pillows, linens & the air before retiring to bed.

In a time-poor cash-rich society, we have become increasingly dependant on buying in ready-made food, beauty and house cleaning products and we have not become healthier or happier,  we now have more allergies, depression and anxiety problems than previous generations.